Pipe Line process services

Sakson’s Tubular Running Services division is committed to the delivery of quality equipment and personnel.The Division offers its clients a comprehensive casing and handling package that consists of spiders, elevators, tongs, FMS units, side door, protectors, Stabbing guides, HYT slip, rotary hand slips, non-marking jaws system and related casing accessories with complete greasing products.

Sakosn’s outstanding maintenance program to the tools and equipment is fundamental to ensuring safe operations to its clients. Our tubular running services are designed to guarantee safety and facilitate effectiveness of tubular running operation, which contributes to the reduction of risk and worksite incidents.

Furthermore, our advanced tubular running tools are in compliance with the global standards of API and ISO and are operated by qualified personnel to guarantee maximum service quality and efficient results. Our skilled personnel undergo the highest training programs to ensuring optimal productivity in workplace.

Hydraulic Power Tong

Sakson’s casing power tongs are engineered to suit high torque casing, providing maximum torque with reliable performance. We provide a full range of casing sizes to meet the varying needs of each client.

Our tubing tongs have been designed to the highest torque required for breaking premium connections. These tongs handle tubing sizes ranging from 2 5/8” to 7 5/8”. We offer fine tooth jaws to handle and save the premium tubing string such as 9CR and 13CR.

Power Back Unit

Built and certified to the highest industry safety standards with a proven history of success in the field, our power units offer unparalleled performance.  Our power back units are designed to provide a reliable power source for a wide range of hydraulic requirements for onshore and offshore applications. All power units are available in standard design and are generally skidded.

JAM System

Our Joint Analyzed Make-Up unit is designed to enable users to fully monitor thousands of connections in breaking out and making up during the operation,securing against any collapse, thread damage or uncontrolled torque of the drill pipe, collars, heavy and spiral weights, in addition toall casing and tubing accessories. We provide full access of oilfield tubular connection threads such as Vam, Tenaris, Hydril and other thread connections.


  • Rig SK-301

    Sakson 1000 HP Workover Rig SK-301 started a new contract with Groupment Berkine

  • Wellhead material supply and services contract

    SAKSON is awarded Wellhead material supply and services contract supplying complete

  • Sakson Group’s participation in MEDT Exhibition

  • Awarding contract extension for Tullow Kenya till mid 2014 for Rig PR5

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Pipe Line process services

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