Commissioning Leak Test


SAKNAFTA Egypt  Helium Leak Detection….

Uncontrolled emissions, loss of containment, release of hazardous petrochemicals are a direct danger to Health, Safety and Environment.

Experience proves that LEAKS do occur, mostly during plant start up, after the commissioning of new facilities or after the execution of maintenance on existing ones.

SAKNAFTA Egypt  Helium Leak Testing Services

  • Improves safety by preventing the escape of flammable toxic product.
  • Eliminates leaks and emissions.
  • Simulates operational conditions.
  • Reduces the water content of the processing facilities.
  • Reduces oxygen levels and provides an inert blanket.
  • Prevents loss of production due to unplanned shutdowns.

Typical the systems are pressurized with a mixture of 1% Helium and 99% of Nitrogen. Pressurization takes place in several steps up to normal operating pressure or up to 95% of the relief valve setting. All joints are tested, leaks are reported, blocked in, depressurized, repaired, depressurized and re-tested.

Only if all leaks are repaired and within the Maximum Allowable Leak Rate, systems will be depressurized leaving a 1 bar(g) nitrogen blanked, ready for a safe process start up.


Commissioning Leak Test

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