Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services

 SAKNAFTA Pipeline Services – We have combined competence with the latest technology available.

SAKNAFTA  Pipeline Services are applied during the whole lifecycle of the pipeline.

Installation of pipelines requires operating under the most difficult of circumstances. They extend across-desert,  offshore and in residential areas. Therefore, it is essential that pipelines are tested for strength, leak-tightness, and to be cleaned and inspected regularly. SAKNAFTA Nitrogen Services have developed a complete pipeline commissioning and decommissioning maintenance  package to safeguard safe and smooth pipeline operation during the whole life cycle of this valuable asset.

SAKNAFTA Egypt Pipeline Services are executed during construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, inspection and abandonment.


SAKNAFTA Egypt Pipeline Services:

  • Pipeline cleaning and gauging
  • Pipeline flooding hydrostatic testing & dewatering
  • Pipeline drying (air)
  • Pipeline drying (nitrogen)
  • Pipeline product displacement pigging with Nitrogen
  • Pipeline mechanical cleaning
  • Pipeline chemical cleaning
  • Pipe freezing


Pipeline Services

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