Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSE MS)

The HSE MS is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill with all tasks required to achieve its objectives, with respect to Health, Safety & Environmental risk and (Impacts) control. A more complete system would include accountability (an assignment of personal responsibility) and a schedule for activities to be completed, as well as auditing tools to identify gabs in implementation and develop corrective action plan to close these gabs, that will enable creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement.


It is an enforcement statement addressed by the top management to demonstrate their commitment to all HSE requirements and best practices.
The Policy is communicated to all persons working under the control of the organization and is made available to company employees and interested parties on request.

Sakson HSE Poilicy

HSE Elements

The followings eight (8) Elements are representing the pillars of the whole HSE Management System. It is mandatory for every Sakson Group employee to familiarize himself with these elements and demonstrate full compliance with the requirements within each one:
Element1: Leadership & Commitment
Element2: Goals & Plans
Element3: Structure & Responsibilities
Element4: Operational Control Procedures
Element5: Performance Monitoring
Element6: Auditing
Element7:Management Review
Element8: Continuous Improvement.

Operational Control Procedures (OCPs)

Based the HSE MS Elements, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed to provide safe work procedures for all Sakson Group activities.

Safe Working Instructions (SWIs)

Safe Work Instructions (SWI) have been developed to cover all Sakson Group activities. The SWIs will help to easily implement the HSE Standard Operation Procedures. The applicable SWI to a certain work has to be attached to the job procedure, posted at work place and made readily available to all work team members. It is mandatory to follow these instructions without any shortcuts.


HSE Forms are available to be used by Sakson Group employees and subcontractors. These are clearly mentioned in the OCP and have to be completed, signed by the user(s), and kept as a record with HSE Advisors at location.

hse certificate

HSE Certificates

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