Casing Accessories

We welcome you to our world of quality Cementing Products, providing excellence quality products to various sectors. On-going continues improvement in Quality, Services and Product Designing keeps us apart from other providers. Therefore, we are heading upcoming leader in Cementing Products in terms of quality at reasonable cost.

For maximum production over entire life of an oil and gas well, we require a good primary cementing job. This totally depends on proper centralization. So good centralization is necessary to obtain good mud removal, which is only achievable by correct selection of centralizers and their installation pattern. At Sakson you can achieve this objective.

Our List of Products

  • Casing Centralizers
  • Floating Equipment
  • DV Tools
  • Cement Wiper Plug
  • Reamer Shoe
  • External Casing Packer (ECP)
  • Guide Shoe
  • API Thread compound
  • API Thread lock


Recently Awarding:

-          Supplying to one of main cementing service providers in Egypt

-          Supplying  to one of our valued customers in Egypt

Casing Accessories

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